Underfloor Heating for retirement home

Date: Jan 5, 2015 - 12:39 am

new_underfloor_heatingAnother successful Underfloor Heating installation North of Auckland.

This retirement home will be running
two 32 KW Tahiti natural gas boilers to power over 3200 meters of underslab underfloor heating! Five manifolds will manage over 15 zones with individual temperature control ensuring maximum efficiency and reliable heat  for the elderly. What are the benefits of underfloor hydronic heating to conventional air powered heatpumps? Please follow THIS LINK for more information. Central Heating NZ  specialise in European style underfloor central heating. If your building a new home it makes sense to get the pipe into that concrete at a rate of less than $40/meter! Cash-flow dependent you can complete the system installation immediately or a few years down the track. Call us on 0800 443 284 for more information or send us an email on quote!central-heating.co.nz