Central heating gone smart

Date: Sep 22, 2016 - 12:28 am

Central heating systems over the years have moved with the times, form the first systems used by the romans to modern condensing technology. Steadily moving with advances in technology offering users extra levels of comfort and control.


So what’s next in the world of comfort heating?

These days the majority of us use a Smart phone on a regular basis whether we order a taxi or a pizza. We expect a sleek modern approach from services and goods. Now the central heating companies have moved with the times offering app controlled heating control at your fingertips.

Offering the ultimate in control with intuitive user control and smart design App control will become the norm.

With rising fuel prices globally managing your consumption is as important as ever. Controlling room temperature and time settings enable the consumer to have a real effect on usage.

Additional benefits from using smart phone technology is the ability to analyse weather real time which adjusts the Heating to suit conditions in real time. Coming in for a cold snap don’t worry the app takes care of it. Keeping the home warm and comfortable without the need for intervention.  Alternatively, if you have a nice sunny home, when the suns out in the winter and the house is warm the heating app will switch off or down to save you money.

With many companies getting in on the heating technology revolution Smart heating is now a realistic affordable option for most heating solutions.

Having the added benefit of “controlling your home heating anyway” no longer will you have to worry about leaving the heating on when you leave the house. Many systems offer a Geo caching option which tracks your movements and builds a heating profile based on your habits. Making sure you only use heating when you need it. Leave the house every day at approximately 7.30 am the system will learn to turn it off at 7am using you less energy. Stuck in traffic on the home commute the system will wait until your near home.

Older style heating control programmers and thermostats are often confusing to set up and use. sometimes needing a heating specialist to set up, which can lead to additional cost when times and settings need changing. Today’s Smart phone apps are designed with this in mind offering users of all levels the ability to control their heating to the degree they are comfortable with, young old Tech Geek or technophobe, Modern Smart phone apps get over this hurdle with their ease of use and one tap design.

With a flurry of new systems on the market there is a heating controlled app system for all types home.

Systems like Honeywell EVO offer Smart heating control with the addition of individual Thermostatic Radiator Valve control taking smart heating control to the next level, offering 12 Zone control from a centralized control panel giving home temperature control like no other.

Smart Heating controllers can be fitted as part of a new full central heating solution or as a “retro fit option” bringing older systems into the now.

System Like TADO offer the consumer greater flexibility of which styles of System they wish to control. Coupling systems together to control Heating as well as Cooling systems. Giving the home complete flexibility and comfort when it comes to Temperature control. Keeping you warm or cool as you need.

Smart App Heating control has had an unexpected advantage. The ability to control heating form a remote location has enabled consumers with vulnerable relatives the ability to control the comfort and wellbeing of the Elderly or infirm. Particular vulnerable people who live alone often with an illness or disability. Relatives or careers are able to monitor heat within the home ensuring their loved ones stay warm or cool.

A success story of this technology improving lives, was that of an elderly couple who both suffered from Alzheimer’s. who would regularly turn off their heating and not realize, their son who lived on the other end of the country. would need to travel sometimes over night to ensure his parents kept warm. The addition of a smart heating controller alleviated a stressful situation enabling the son to monitor his parents’ home with complete peace of mind.

Not just for the tech Savvy among us Smart controlled app Heating isn’t a solution for the future but is a solution for now. Controlling your heating this way will become standard with this generation expecting a better experience and level of comfort not see in past generations.