Cost And Custom Blamed For Lack Of Central Heating In NZ Homes

Date: May 29, 2017 - 8:50 pm

Everyone loves traditions. They can signify a belief or behaviour with its roots steeped in history of years or people long gone but not forgotten. Unfortunately, one such tradition in New Zealand is leaving around 95% of our population living in cold, draughty homes and suffering from a slew of health related problems. What tradition is this? The one of viewing household heating as a luxury and only heating one room at a time.

If you have grown up in New Zealand or in fact, spent any decent length of time in a New Zealand home built in the 80’s or earlier you will have experienced being indoors with all doors and windows closed in the middle of winter and still feeling a draught around your ankles or shivering as everyone huddles around a heater.

Kiwis are a strong resilient people but sometimes traditions need to be broken. No longer do we have to sit huddled in the lounge everyone trying to get a portion of the heat from a single heat source – be it an open fire, a gas heater or an oil fin heater.


Central heating has long been established in Europe and Canada as being the best form of home heating. Because people and governments have seen the positive impact of having people live in warm, insulated homes the cost of installing central heating has reduced dramatically in these colder climates and it is a given that a home will provide an ambient all year round temperature.

New Zealand on the other hand often has a misconception about it that our temperatures are sub-tropical and we don’t have a need for central heating. The truth is though, that still a large proportion of our homes are not air tight and still remain with poor and inadequate insulation.

We can no longer rely on chopping the nearest tree down to provide fuel for a winter fire as many cities and regions in New Zealand have either phased out open fire places or are in the process of doing so.

What seems to be missing from the New Zealand market is a central heating system that is affordable for the average homeowner, and that is specifically designed with New Zealand’s temperatures and families in mind.

The reality currently faced by many who would like to have central heating in their homes is that they simply cannot afford the $8000 and $15,000 it requires for a central heating system to be purchased and installed to heat their homes.

CCentral_heating_in_new_zealandentral heating has the ability to provide heating throughout your entire home. It is not limited to just heating one area. Because all central heating systems come with a thermostat and a timer the control and convenience is all yours. You can set the system to turn on at set times and to turn off or reduce its use when the family is outside the home following other pursuits like work, school or recreation. Many central heating systems now come with zone control which allows you to control the ambient temperature for certain parts of your home.

What is gaining popularity within New Zealand is the installation of heat pumps. Unless temperatures drop below zero (which can happen but not very often) heat pumps are an energy efficient and economically viable option to keeping your home warm and your family healthy.

If you are worried about your families health and comfort for this coming winter – give one of our consultants at Central Heating a call today. We can arrange a site visit to your home and discuss the options available for your home and area and explain how our products can let your family enjoy winter again in your home. If health issues are paramount in your family – perhaps asthma is a winter nightmare for you or your children then do not hesitate to make contact. With a range of systems and a wealth of experience behind our knowledge Central Heating can custom design a home heating package for you that will fit your budget and your lifestyle.