Big Radiator Central Heating System Installation In Auckland

Date: Oct 9, 2018 - 12:29 am

We recently completed an installation of a big home radiator heating system for a 2 story home in St Heliers, Auckland. The home previously have a low pressure hot water cylinder, which was replaced by a gas boiler connected to the central heating system.

The new radiator central heating systems consists of:

  • Bosch 37kW gas boiler
  • 10x radiators
  • Internet enabled control system

Our team got to work on the installation which involved running Ivar insulated pipe both under the home and through the walls to the radiators both upstairs and downstairs, providing heating to all areas of the home. Ivar insulated pipe is extremely efficient pipe which is used to maximise efficiency by retaining heat while the water is transferred. Uninsulated pipe would let heat escape by the time it reached the radiators, which means not only would you have lower heating performance but it would cost you more to run as well.

residential_heating_syetsm_installation home_heating_syetsm_installation home_radiator_heating_syetsm_pipework

Once the pipework was laid out, the radiators were installed in every room of the house, excluding the bathrooms.

radiator_heating_syetsm_installation home_radiator_heating_syetsm_installation radiator_heating_syetsm_installation_2

The Bosch 37kW boiler, used for both radiators and water heating, was installed externally, behind the first floor bathroom.


This system has been designed to provide efficient heating to all rooms in the home, resulting is very effective heating a low cost for the home owners. The online control system brings a new convenience to controlling heating in the home, allowing the system to be controlled over the internet through the app. This means you can control the heating without even being in the same room!

What are the benefits of radiator central heating?
Radiator central heating systems provide extremely efficient heating solutions for residential homes. By combining water heating with central heating, these systems utilize an already used energy source to heat your home, while costing you much less than traditional electric radiators to run. They also provide a much more even distribution of heat in the home, which is stronger than an electric radiator, and can be adjusted quickly and easily as required.

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