Central heating gone smart

Date: Sep 22, 2016 - 12:28 am

Central heating systems over the years have moved with the times, form the first systems used by the romans to modern condensing technology. Steadily moving with advances in technology offering users extra levels of comfort and control.


So what’s next in the world of comfort heating?

These days the majority of us use a Smart phone on a regular basis whether we order a taxi or a pizza. We expect a sleek modern approach from services and goods. Now the central heating companies have moved with the times offering app controlled heating control at your fingertips.

Offering the ultimate in control with intuitive user control and smart design App control will become the norm.

With rising fuel prices globally managing your consumption is as important as ever. Controlling room temperature and time settings enable the consumer to have a real effect on usage.

Additional benefits from using smart phone technology is the ability to analyse weather real time which adjusts the Heating to suit conditions in real time. Coming in for a cold snap don’t worry the app takes care of it. Keeping the home warm and comfortable without the need for intervention.  Alternatively, if you have a nice sunny home, when the suns out in the winter and the house is warm the heating app will switch off or down to save you money.

With many companies getting in on the heating technology revolution Smart heating is now a realistic affordable option for most heating solutions.

Having the added benefit of “controlling your home heating anyway” no longer will you have to worry about leaving the heating on when you leave the house. Many systems offer a Geo caching option which tracks your movements and builds a heating profile based on your habits. Making sure you only use heating when you need it. Leave the house every day at approximately 7.30 am the system will learn to turn it off at 7am using you less energy. Stuck in traffic on the home commute the system will wait until your near home.

Older style heating control programmers and thermostats are often confusing to set up and use. sometimes needing a heating specialist to set up, which can lead to additional cost when times and settings need changing. Today’s Smart phone apps are designed with this in mind offering users of all levels the ability to control their heating to the degree they are comfortable with, young old Tech Geek or technophobe, Modern Smart phone apps get over this hurdle with their ease of use and one tap design.

With a flurry of new systems on the market there is a heating controlled app system for all types home.

Systems like Honeywell EVO offer Smart heating control with the addition of individual Thermostatic Radiator Valve control taking smart heating control to the next level, offering 12 Zone control from a centralized control panel giving home temperature control like no other.

Smart Heating controllers can be fitted as part of a new full central heating solution or as a “retro fit option” bringing older systems into the now.

System Like TADO offer the consumer greater flexibility of which styles of System they wish to control. Coupling systems together to control Heating as well as Cooling systems. Giving the home complete flexibility and comfort when it comes to Temperature control. Keeping you warm or cool as you need.

Smart App Heating control has had an unexpected advantage. The ability to control heating form a remote location has enabled consumers with vulnerable relatives the ability to control the comfort and wellbeing of the Elderly or infirm. Particular vulnerable people who live alone often with an illness or disability. Relatives or careers are able to monitor heat within the home ensuring their loved ones stay warm or cool.

A success story of this technology improving lives, was that of an elderly couple who both suffered from Alzheimer’s. who would regularly turn off their heating and not realize, their son who lived on the other end of the country. would need to travel sometimes over night to ensure his parents kept warm. The addition of a smart heating controller alleviated a stressful situation enabling the son to monitor his parents’ home with complete peace of mind.

Not just for the tech Savvy among us Smart controlled app Heating isn’t a solution for the future but is a solution for now. Controlling your heating this way will become standard with this generation expecting a better experience and level of comfort not see in past generations.

How does a radiator central heating work?

Date: May 9, 2016 - 11:01 am

There are mainly two types of radiator heating. Floor and wall in a form of a radiator. In a hydronic radiant floor system, it pumps heated water through tubing placed in a pattern underneath the floor. The water can be heated by an oil fired burner, a gas fired burner or kerosene, gas or solar water heater.


They use little electricity. Used with foil it makes the heating even more economical. Placing foil in the joist cavity decrease heat loss, prevents hot spots and decreases boiler loads. The aluminium reflects radiant heat. It is used on conjunction with a water or oil boiler. It continuously moves the liquid through the pipes so the heat is stable throughout the home. It is best operated with a time and temperature controls that keep the home in each room at the desired temperature. There is no need to turn it on and off as it is best when on automatic. This type of heating is gaining popularity especially for those suffering from asthma and allergies as there is no air flow that can move dust and allergens though the home.

A wall heater (radiator) can either be water or oil filled. It works on convection. They use convection to transfer the heat from the radiator to the air around it. They simply draw up heat from the bottom, warm the air over the fins, and the warmed air comes out the top. They are the safest to use. Again it radiates the heat so it does not blow the heat which makes it great for allergy sufferers or asthma sufferers. Just set the temperature you want and it will gently heat the room it is in. They can now come with timers too so you are in complete control of when and where you want the heat.

Now a day there are many types of radiant heating. From wall to floor but also skirting board heating where the radiator is inside the skirting board, baseboard central heating, portable and more. Radiant heating is healthier, safer, more economical, they are controllable and stylish. Central Heating in New Zealand supplies the world-renowned DeLonghi radiator range. Because of their low water content, they have a faster heat up time than most other radiators. DeLonghi radiators are designed to produce the greatest heat output from the most compact surface area. They are completely silent when operating. A wide range of DeLonghi radiators are available and come with a 25 year guarantee.

Oxygen barrier pipe can protect your central heating

Date: Mar 14, 2016 - 1:29 am

An oxygen barrier pipe in short protects your water heater from rusting also any other system components such as valves etc. Corrosion can happen and cause damage in as little as one to two years unprotected. The oxygen barrier pipe prevents oxygen from penetrating the material of the central heater system thus reducing greatly the risk of damage and rust. The pipe is either a cross linked polyethylene or polybutylene.Rehau-oxygen-barrier

The rifeing oxygen barrier pex tubing comes in sizes from 3/8″ to 1″ and works with crimp, clamp, compression pex press and sharkbite press connections. It’s maximum temperature is of 180’f up to a pressure of 100psi or up to a pressure of 160psi at 73’f.

Pex A grade tubing is the highest grade available and can be used in closed loop hydronic heating systems. It comes in sizes from 5/16′ to 4′ and has a thermal memory so you can repair any kinks in the pipe by heating it and it will return to its original form. It is also freeze resistant. It works with all types of pex connectors up to 1″. But only proper expansion fittings and shark bite fittings work with connections from 1 1/4″ to 2″. It has a maximum temperature of 200’f up to a pressure of 80psi or 160psi at 73’f.

So if you want to protect your water heater from damage and rust thus saving you time and money and also frustration give us a call and we can wrap it up. We only use superior products so they can be fully relied on. We are fully licensed and guarantee our work so not only can you trust our materials but you can trust us to do a good job. Our certified installers are fully trained to offer expert advice on the job. Once your happy, we are happy.


Got your gas central heating service sorted?

Date: Feb 28, 2016 - 9:31 pm

Winter is slowly approaching, book your service and be ready.

Yes friends we are talking about the W word, winter is coming quicker than we all like unfortunately. As the proverb says we need to “make hay while the sun shines”. The last thing you want to do is to be in the middle of winter when heating prices are at there peak and availability is slim and everyone is too busy to see you today. Did you know that in the middle of summer all of New Zealand had sold out of fans and those that didn’t think ahead were left sweating or living at friends places? So friends why not avoid the rush, and save some pennies and think of your winter heating. Now is prime time to get it sorted. Central Heating are a big enough company to respond quickly with all the perks but not too big so you get lost in the crowd. Auckland_central_heating
Our fully licensed team can do it all without the need for trying to organise different companies to do different things. In our country a warm home is vital, a cold house leaves you open to mould and dampness that can get into your lungs and cause all sorts of illnesses, especially in our younger or older generation.

Central Heating are a big fan of radiant heat over convected heat and let me tell you why. Radiant heat is healthier for one, especially for those with asthma and allergies. Convection moves dust and allergens around and the air is warmed unevenly. Radiant heat is a constant quiet warmth, a natural gentle feeling. Radiant heat is also much more cost effective, it’s more efficient, it’s more flexible and is quicker. If you don’t have a system we can retrofit existing homes with a hydronic central heating system and get you ready for the coming cold. Cheap products are around but they are cheap for a reason, these companies just want a quick buck but when it comes to claiming warranty they disappear. We however have a solid background and reputation. We only use top quality and stand by our extensive warranties. So give us a call and lets get you set for the coming winter.

Why Is Radiator Heating A Good Option?

Date: Nov 22, 2015 - 7:57 pm

Radiant heating systems come with many benefits when it comes to heating your home. Is it widely accepted as the most comfortable type of heating system. Delivering consistent warmth while being silent and not forcing air, it provides a very natural feeling heat and a gently ambient heat form for the entire house.radiator_heating_systems

Compared to other single-source heating options that only heat a single room, radiator central heating systems are highly efficient and will heat your whole house consistently. A fully controllable thermostat gives you the flexibility to heat the rooms you want as you wish, with different settings in different rooms at different times of the day.

Another benefit of radiator heating is the efficiency of the systems. Radiator heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. Water transfers heat at a much higher rate than air, which means that radiators can heat up a room in a manner of minutes, unlike air which takes longer. And a big factor is that performance of the radiator is maintained regardless of the temperature outside, unlike with other heaters.

For more information on radiators, visit our radiator heating page here.

Heat Pump Underfloor Heating Systems

Date: Jul 28, 2015 - 11:23 pm

One type of underfloor heating system you can use when putting together a central heating system is the heat pump underfloor heating system. Why is this system the one to go for?


Heat pump underfloor heating systems are extremely efficient systems. The reason for this is that heat pump use electricity to move heat, not make it, which makes them much for efficient than other systems such as gas or solar. Heat pumps are a low temperature heat source which makes them perfect for an underfloor heating system because underfloor heating systems run a low temperatures. Heat pump systems are very versatile, they can work anywhere, unlike solar systems which require a certain amount of sunlight to warm the water. They can be incorporated in almost any underfloor heating system, allowing them to be used in all home and buildings where an underfloor heating system is required.

Talk to us today if you are interested in a heat pump underfloor heating system for your home.


Home Radiator Repairs

Date: Jul 8, 2015 - 10:36 pm

Are you having an issue with your radiator? You will be pleased to know that it may be possible to fix the problem without a professional. What can you do to fix a radiator that isn’t working?

Check the lock shield.

home_radiator_repair_lock_shieldIf one of your radiators are not working, first thing you need to do is make sure that the lock shield is open. To the left you will see an image of what a lock shield typically looks like, it will be found under a cap next to the radiator. To make sure it is open, turn it all the way you can anti-clockwise.

If this has not solved your problem, you may have air in your radiator. A common symptom of air in the radiator is if you can feel that both flow and return pipes are hot as well as the bottom of the radiator, but the top is cold. This is always a sign of air stuck in the radiator. To solve this, you will need to bleed the radiator. It is highly recommended that you turn the boiler and pump off before trying to bleed the radiator.

home_radiator_repair_bleeding_radiatorBleeding the radiator.

To bleed the radiator, make sure both pump and boiler are off and both radiator valves are open. Put a small towel under the bleeder valve or screw and open the screw to let the air out. Once water is coming out and no more bubbles, let it run for a few seconds and the close the valve/screw.

If this does not fix your problem, the next place to look is the Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV). The valve could be stuck shut . If this is the problem, it may need to be replaced.

Checking the TRV.

home_radiator_repair_thermostatic_radiator_valveThe first thing you need to do is make sure that it is fully turned on. Now you need to remove the TRV head. How this is done will depend on the valve, some have a screw on collar, some will have a black plastic lug which you need to pop a screw driver into and turn to remove. There may also be other ways. Once the top is off, you should be able to see the valve. Now you can push down on the pin to see if it is stuck or not. If it moves up and down, it is not stuck. Do not hit it with a hammer, especially if you have an older pin type head. What you need to do is get a set of long nose pliers and wiggle the pin to try to release it. If you are successful, the pin should come back up. If it has returned, try to push down on the head again and see if it returns. If not, you need a new TRV.

Central Heating Special For Aucklanders!

Date: Jun 24, 2015 - 9:55 pm

We are currently have a special on a central heating system for all Aucklanders.

The Bosch Condensing Hydronic Heat Boiler is an excellent system for home heating, providing extremely efficient low cost heating to your home. By utilising condensing technology to recover waste heat, it then expells this through the flue system of the built in non condensing boiler. This system makes the Bosch unit 90% energy efficient, one of the highest rated system available. The boiler also includes a 37 kW combi boiler, combining heating and hot water supply all into one unit.

We are offing this unit for as little as $2999 installed to all Auckland homes! If you would like to take advantage of this special, call us today on 0508 446 892. But get in quick, supply is limited!


laing underfloor heating systems (German made)

Date: Jun 19, 2015 - 2:45 am

laing_underfloor_heating_systemsBrilliant German made system introduced into New Zealand about 10-15 years ago. Very compact and can easily supply efficient heat to smaller  and midsize floor areas. Laos ideal with for combination systems where low temperature and high temperature systems need to be combined. For example radiators and underfloor heating. Laing is a unique and one of kind system that allows you to create indirect systems at unbeatable prices. The image above represents a n UFH system we serviced this week. Part of the inspection is to ensure all valves, circuits, electrical and expansion tank are working correctly and safely.

Central Heating in NZ  offer affordable repair and servicing services for any size Laing underfloor heating systems. If your system needs a repair or maintenance give us a ring and speak to the pros!

Why Should I Get Central Heating?

Date: Jun 11, 2015 - 10:30 pm

These days there are many heating systems available which you can choose from to heat your home. Among these is the central heating system.

Firstly, what is a central heating system? Central heating systems are system which typically use hot air, gas or electricity to provide heat to multiple rooms within a building, such as a home or office. Systems such as heat pumps or passive heat (such as solar radiation) can also be used.

What are the benefits of a central heating system? Central heating systems provide many benefits to a living space including:

  • why_get_central_heatingHighly efficient heat supply
  • Low cost
  • Rooms can have individual thermostat control
  • One heating unit can be used instead of multiple in separate rooms
  • The gas, oil or solid fuel being consumed is removed from the heated space (creating a safer environment)


Central heating systems are incredibly efficient heating systems which can heat your home at very low cost. Talk to us today about a central heating system for your home.