Boilers For Central Heating Systems

No matter which type of central heating system you choose for your home, the heat source and its features are the most important component for controlling costs. Before choosing a unit, you’ll need to consider such factors as noise levels, location, and cost and availability of fuel, in addition to the heat source’s suitability for the type of heating system you’ve chosen. The experts at Central Heating in NZ and Heating will help you select an underfloor heating boiler or other heat source that makes sense for your budget and as well as your system.


For the most efficient operation, always maintain your central heating boiler or heat pump in optimum condition with regular service from a qualified technician. You can call on Central Heating in NZ and Heating for advice, installation and prompt service of your old or new boiler. Only European-trained and New Zealand-registered technicians will touch your unit—and we guarantee their work..


Gas Boilers

If your home is on Auckland’s supply grid, choosing a natural gas boiler is practically a no-brainer. Natural gas is a great option in terms of both reliability and cost. LPG gas models, although more expensive to fuel, are also available for those in more rural areas. A condensing gas boiler (which uses heat that would otherwise dissipate via the flue) is about 30 percent more efficient than earlier non-condensing models. You may also want to look at the option of heating water for your home with your gas boiler. Together with double glazing and insulation, an efficient gas boiler may lead to very substantial long-term savings. Let Central Heating in NZ and Heating explain how you can save.

Central Heating in NZ and Heating recommends: Vokera (Ireland), Fondital(Italy), Biasi (U.K.).

Diesel Boilers

Diesel boilers are a bit noiser than gas models and cost more to operate, too. Still, not everyone has the option to use gas. To preserve peace and quiet, a location in a weatherproof shelter or garage is preferable. And don’t forget you’ll need a fuel store on site for resupply. Central Heating in NZ and Heating will set you up just right. Central Heating in NZ and Heating recommends: Atlas by Ferroli (Italy).

Wood or Pellet Burner

Depending on your location, you may have access to a good supply of wood. Although they don’t rank as highly gas or diesel boilers for heat delivery and need more maintenance and attention, a wood-burning boiler may be the best option for at least part of your heat supply.
Central Heating in NZ and Heating recommends: Ferroli (Italy), Atmos (Italy), 3 Wood (Italy), Piro-Wood (Italy).

Coal Boilers

In certain situations, coal burners may be your heat source of choice, although they are typically high maintenance. If you are interested in coal, get in touch with Central Heating in NZ and Heating for expert advice.

Central Heating in NZ and Heating recommends: Coal-fired boilers are handled as special orders. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Contact us for more information.

Heat Pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps can be used for heating/cooling your home and can double up to heat water too. This form of renewable energy condenses the heat naturally present in air instead of depending on direct sun rays as solar panels do. They are generally safe, clean, low-maintenance and long-lived. Heat pumps are suitable for both underfloor and radiator systems. A disadvantage is that the amount of heat available in the air is reduced during the winter months. Call Central Heating in NZ and Heating for the best advice on how a heat pump can work for your home.

Central Heating in NZ and Heating recommends: Clivet (Italy), Hitachi (Japan), Daikin (Japan).

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source pumps, a newer technology than ordinary heat pumps, represent a great advance in energy efficiency. Collector loops buried in a trench or field harvest the geothermal energy present in the ground year round. Ease of installation depends upon the type of soil on your property, but this heat source is usually a great match for underfloor heating systems. Beware, though: Some cheap Chinese systems have spoiled the good name of this excellent technology.Central Heating in NZ and Heating can assist you in avoiding a costly mistake.Central Heating in NZ and Heating recommends:Hiseer

(EU specs/Siemens components, China).