Braemar Central Heating Servicing

Date: Feb 25, 2020 - 11:43 pm

Central heating in New Zealand is important, especially during winter months. Avoid the inconvenience, exorbitant costs, and nasty breakdowns of waiting until winter to get your central heating installation or servicing done.

Timely maintenance, repair, or installation will also help lower your energy bill each year as you increase efficiency. Plus, regular servicing decreases the risk of breakdowns and extends the life of your central heating unit. Imagine how much money you save and how stress-free your life will be when you choose to be prepared with regards to your central heating maintenance.


Why Choose Braemar Central Heating?

When you install a Braemar 7-star equivalent ducted gas heater instead of a 3-star ducted gas heater, you will save approximately $754 per year in running costs! Over a 5- year period you could save up to $3,770 on your heating costs with 7-star equivalent ducted gas heating. Imagine how much you will save over the years!

Every single Braemar ducted heating unit is made from premium grade materials and supported by a comprehensive factory-backed warranty. Our industry standard 7-year comprehensive warranty for residential ducted gas heating also comes with a 10-year heat exchanger and burner warranty.

With energy prices rising, ducted gas heating has the edge on reverse cycle when it comes to both efficiency and performance, and even more so with the world’s first 7-star equivalent ducted gas heating range from Braemar.

Here are the benefits you enjoy when you install a Braemar ducted heating unit:

  1. Cost Effective Save up to $525 per year when compared to reverse cycle.
  2. Better Performance Reverse cycle works less efficiently when outside temperature drops. Ducted gas efficiency remains steady.
  3. Instant Warmth Ducted gas reaches desired temperature much faster than reverse cycle.
  4. Comfortable Air Ducted gas heating won’t dry your skin and eyes. It’s a different kind of cozy warmth.

Braemar Central Heating Servicing is able to install, service, repair, and replace all units available online.



Braemar’s Advanced Features

Now available – MagIQtouch® controller offers touch screen technology. Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch® controller makes operating your Braemar so simple.

Discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the décor of your home. Choose between standard, Wi-Fi enabled, or wireless Radio Frequency MagIQtouch® controller options.

Now you can control your heating comfort needs directly from your mobile device! For example, you can turn on your heater wherever you are even if you’re outside your home, ensuring you come home to a warm home on those cold winter days. You can download the smart app for free on your smartphone.

Zone your home with three zoning options:

  1. Complete Control Enjoy complete control over individual comfort needs
  2. Flexibility Heat only parts of the house in use.
  3. Savings Heat only the parts of the house where you are in and save.

Now you can set one temperature for all zones. You are also able to turn zones on and off based on minimum outlet requirement.

Central Control Zoning

Take control from 1 x MagIQtouch® controller in common zone where you can set different temperatures for each zone. You can also install additional discreet MagIQtouch® Air Sensors located in each zone with the ability to turn zones on and off, based on minimum outlet requirement. You have an option for up to 10 different zones.

Complete Comfort Zoning

Controlled from up to 10 x MagIQtouch® controllers (1 x per zone). Set different temperatures for each zone from a dedicated MagIQtouch® controller in each zone based on minimum outlet requirement. The MagIQtouch® zone controllers include built-in temperature sensors with the ability to switch on/off whole system from a central MagIQtouch® controller. You can set independent programs for zones from each MagIQtouch® zone controller with an option for up to 10 different zones.



Braemar Ducted Gas Central Heating Features and Benefits

  • Maximum efficiency with the InShot BurnerTM that provides thorough air/gas mixing

for clean, efficient combustion.

  • No pilot light ensures the heater works every time. Electronic ignition guarantees reliable ignition while no standing pilot saves wasted gas when heater is not being used.
  • Flexible installation for all types of homes so the unit can be safely installed in the roof, under the floor, or outside the house. The two-piece configuration means easy installation.
  • Maximum energy efficiency withEcostar® Tri-ActionTM heat exchanger. This is a standard on TQM6 and TQS7 series ducted gas heaters. It guarantees the unit is corrosion resistant with maximum heat transfer in minimum space.
  • Each unit comes with a whisper quiet operation with variable speed combustion fan that safely expels all combustion gases outside.

Braemar’s Comprehensive Warranty

Each Braemar ducted gas heating unit is manufactured using high-grade materials and comes with a comprehensive, factory-backed warranty. Our industry standard 7-year comprehensive warranty for residential ducted gas heating also comes with a 10-year heat exchanger and burner warranty. Our warranty guarantees your protection and peace of mind.