Indirect Storage Water Heaters

Date: Aug 25, 2014 - 9:22 am

indirect-heatingIndirect water heating is a method where water is heated using a heat exchanger and a heat transfer fluid. The water that is heated by the heat source is never used out of the hot tap. This is different tot he direct water heating where water to be heated is in direct contact with the heat producer.

Indirect water heating includes four main parts: A heat source , a transfer fluid, a heat exchanger and a hot water storage vessel (hot water cylinder). The heating source can be from gas, solid fuel, steam, solar, heat pump, geothermal water or steam.

Indirect water heating ensures the hot water supply is not discolored by boiler corrosion.

Thiere is minimal incoming wter to the primary circuit so there is very little corrosion and lime precipitation. The diagram shows a simple primary flow and return system.

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