Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold: Schedule Your Gas Boiler Service Now!

Date: Dec 20, 2022 - 10:31 pm

With the cold winter months quickly approaching, now is the time to make sure your gas boiler is operating optimally and efficiently. Scheduling a gas boiler service is a great way to ensure your home or commercial space is warm and comfortable all winter long. This blog post will explain why you need to service your gas boiler, the benefits of scheduling a gas boiler service in the winter, what a gas boiler service includes, how to prepare for service, tips for finding the right gas boiler service provider, how to schedule your gas boiler service, common gas boiler problems and how to fix them, how to maintain your gas boiler, and gas boiler service cost considerations.

Introduction – Why You Need to Service Your Gas Boiler
Your gas boiler is an essential piece of equipment for your home or business. It provides hot water and heats your home or commercial space efficiently. However, like with any other appliance, it needs to be serviced regularly to ensure it is running properly and safely. A gas boiler service involves a technician inspecting your gas boiler, checking all parts, and ensuring that it is working properly. It also involves cleaning and lubricating the system, as well as testing it for any potential issues.

When it comes to servicing your gas boiler, it is important to do it regularly. Not only will it keep your boiler running safely and efficiently, but it will also save you money in the long run. A well-maintained gas boiler can help you avoid expensive repairs and replacement down the road. Regular servicing also ensures that your boiler is running optimally, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down during the cold winter months.

Benefits of Scheduling Gas Boiler Service in the Winter
Scheduling your gas boiler service in the winter has many benefits. For one, it gives the technician an opportunity to inspect and perform maintenance on your boiler before the cold weather sets in. This will help ensure that it is running properly and can handle the cold temperatures. In addition, scheduling your service in the winter also gives you the opportunity to have any issues fixed before they become more serious.

Another benefit of scheduling your gas boiler service in the winter is that it will help you save money. Many boiler companies offer discounts on services during the winter months, so you may be able to get a better deal than if you wait until the summer. Finally, scheduling your service in the winter will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your boiler is running properly and efficiently all winter long.

What Does a Gas Boiler Service Include?
A gas boiler service typically includes a visual inspection of the boiler, checking all components, testing the system for potential issues, cleaning and lubricating the system, and performing any necessary adjustments. During the service, the technician will also check the safety devices to make sure they are working properly. They will also inspect the flue to ensure that it is not blocked or leaking. If any issues are found, the technician will make the necessary repairs or adjustments.

Preparing Your Gas Boiler for Service
Before scheduling your gas boiler service, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, make sure that all of the safety devices are working properly. This includes checking the carbon monoxide detectors and the pressure relief valve. You should also make sure that the boiler is in good working order and that all of the controls are functioning properly. Finally, make sure that the area around the boiler is clear of any debris or combustibles.

Tips for Finding the Right Gas Boiler Service Provider
When it comes to finding the right gas boiler service provider, it’s important to do your research. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations. You can also check online reviews to get an idea of what others have experienced with different providers.

When you choose a provider, make sure that they are registered with the Gas Safe Register. This is an organization that registers technicians who are qualified and certified to work on gas boilers. It’s also important to make sure that the technician you choose has experience and expertise in working on the type of boiler you have.

How to Schedule Your Gas Boiler Service
Once you have found the right provider, scheduling your gas boiler service is relatively straightforward. First, contact the provider and give them your boiler details. This includes the make and model, and the age of the boiler. The provider will then provide you with a date and time for the service. Make sure that you and the technician are both available on this date and time.

Once the date and time have been agreed upon, you will need to prepare for the service. This includes making sure that the area around the boiler is clear and that all safety devices are in working order. The technician will also need access to the boiler, so make sure that all doors and windows are unlocked.

Common Gas Boiler Problems and How to Fix Them
While regular servicing can help reduce the chance of your gas boiler experiencing any issues, it’s still important to be aware of the common problems that can arise. The most common problems include low pressure, a faulty thermostat, and a blocked flue.

Low pressure can cause your boiler to run inefficiently and can be caused by a leak in your system. If you notice that your boiler pressure is low, it’s important to have it checked by a technician. A faulty thermostat can cause your boiler to overheat and can be caused by a faulty wiring connection. If your thermostat is not functioning properly, it’s important to have it replaced. A blocked flue can cause carbon monoxide to build up in your home, so it’s important to have it checked by a technician if you notice any signs of a blockage.

How to Maintain Your Gas Boiler
Maintaining your gas boiler is essential for keeping it running safely and efficiently. The most important thing you can do is ensure that it is serviced regularly. This will help reduce the chance of any issues arising and will also help you save money in the long run.

In addition to regular servicing, there are a few other things you can do to maintain your boiler. Make sure that the area around the boiler is clear of any combustibles or debris. You should also check your boiler pressure regularly and make sure that the safety devices are in working order. Finally, make sure that you keep the boiler clean and free of dust and debris.

Gas Boiler Service Cost Considerations
When it comes to the cost of a gas boiler service, there are a few things to consider. The cost will depend on the size of your boiler, the type of service you need, and the provider you choose. Generally, the cost of a basic service will range from $150 to $300, while more complex services can range from $500 to $1,000. It’s important to shop around and compare providers to ensure you get the best deal.

A gas boiler service is an essential part of keeping your home or business warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. Scheduling your service in the winter has many benefits, including saving you money and ensuring your boiler is running optimally. When it comes to finding the right provider, make sure that they are registered with the Gas Safe Register and have experience and expertise in working on the type of boiler you have. Finally, make sure to maintain your boiler by having it serviced regularly and keeping the area around it clear of any combustibles or debris. Get Central Heating NZ to book in your service today before the next winter and keep your gas boiler running efficiently and safely all winter long.

Schedule Radiant Central Heating Maintenance Before Winter Comes

Date: May 27, 2018 - 10:47 pm

Autumn is already giving way to winter as a wild dose of snowfalls and downpours started rocking the southern parts of New Zealand. It’s going to get brutally cold pretty soon with the early arrival of winter.

While we are having some briefly heavy rain showers here in Auckland, we’re still expecting weeks of cool, breezy weather ahead. It’s the best time to have your central heating system checked before you’ll rely on it most when the temperatures drop.

Ensure efficiency

Preparing your radiant heating system in advance not only ensures your comfort but also your home’s energy efficiency. You can save between 10 to 20% on your home heating bill just by ensuring the maximum efficiency of your system. Checking your heating system early in the warmer months also helps you know if there are issues that might require repairs.

Here at Euro Plumbing we see an increase in demand for heating repairs during wintry weather each year. Most people don’t prepare their homes adequately for the winter and find themselves beating the peak heating service rush. It makes sense to have maintenance checks and services completed as early as possible.

service_your_heater_before_winterSafety first

Anything that heats up can be a potential hazard. You’re dealing with hot water, high-pressure steam or gas, which can make troubleshooting dangerous. Ditch the DIY mentality and call a professional in to service your radiant heating system. Also, you don’t want to cause any damage to your flooring or heating equipment by attempting to do anything on your own.

The best you can do is to run your radiant heater on minimum setting in autumn, so you don’t shock the system when you put it on full blast during the winter season.

Annual servicing

This is something most homeowners think they can do without, but that’s not actually the case. Central Heating NZ will test your central heating system for efficiency and safety. This ensures your radiant panels are thoroughly clean and all components and controls work properly. Regular central heating servicing and maintenance also prolongs the life of your central heating system and keeps your warranty valid.

If you’re worried about the servicing cost, you can schedule annual maintenance in the months leading to winter so you’re not paying additional money for winter proofing your heating system.

Retrofitted central heating system

Radiant central heating is a safe and reliable heating option. If you don’t already have a system in your home, now is the perfect time to install one. Our systems can be fully retrofitted onto any typical Auckland home powered with gas, solar or heat pumps.

Because radiant panel heaters have the quickest response time and can be individually controlled for each room, having them in your home can result in cost and energy savings. From your heat source, we will discreetly install interconnecting piping that will link a series of panel heaters, providing your home a total heating solution.

Don’t wait until winter’s already in full blast. Get your home’s central heating system serviced today. Call us for inquiries!


Pre-Winter Radiator Heating Service

Date: Mar 24, 2015 - 11:57 pm

heating_serviceWinter is at the door and in recent nights Aucklanders could feel the chill!
Central Heating Auckland is now offering a full service of your existing gas or electric heated central heating system… a special price of $ 399 including GST!


Snuggle up this winter without having to worry your central heating. We ensure your heating system runs efficiently and safe.

What will this include?

  • Full visual inspection
  • Cleaning of appliances, valves and controllers
  • Electrical inspection
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Flushing complete system and introducing correct amount of inhibitor
  • Testing all valves and controllers (including battery replacement)

Call us now on 0800 4 HEATING for more information and get your service booked in time.

Gas Boiler Service – The right time

Date: Dec 11, 2014 - 8:42 pm

boiler_being_servicedWith summer ahead your central heating system will be winding down and the last thing you will be thinking about is the cold!

One thing you should be considering is getting a professional to service your existing gas powered underfloor or radiator system.  Like everything else in life we maintain your central heating system will show its appreciation for many upcoming future winters!

Whether you have an old boiler such as the ones we come across in the Auckland area all the time (Lotte, Saturn, Kiturami) or a new Baxi or Bosch gas boiler, Central Heating NZ  has the specialists to trouble shoot, service or repair any fault!

Why is it a good idea to service my boiler?

  • Ensure your appliance is still working efficiently, saving you $$$
  • Ensure your appliance is safe
  • Ensure your central heating remain reliable on demand
  • Increase the lifespan of your central heating system
  • reduce future maintenance and repair costs

Are service and repair includes a full report with tasks and parts, ensuring your fully informed t all times allowing you to make an educated decision for the following year.

Call us on 0800 443 284 for more information of use our contact form to place a booking.