Radiant Central Heating And Its History

The long history of warming homes from a single heat source includes the ancient Romans’ hypocaust, an early hot-air underfloor heating system, and the similar Koreanondol system, which efficiently utilized abundant heat from cookstoves to heat homes—a type of central heating that is still in use today.


Most versions of central heating followed along similar lines until the mid-nineteenth century and the invention in Russia of the radiator, which harnessed hot water or steam to warm homes through a combination of radiant heat and natural air convection. This paved the way forforced-air convection heating, which typically uses boilers and fans or heat pumps to move hot air around.

Radiant Heating VS Convacted Heat..

Convection heating worked well enough in the last half of the last century and continues to warm many New Zealand homes. Convection does have some disadvantages, though. Circulating warm air also moves dust and can aggravate allergies or asthma. Blown air warms unevenly, as anyone who has taken chill in a drafty room knows. Convection also gives up a lot of heat to little-used rooms and through a home’s exterior walls, making it very wasteful.

With fuel prices rising steeply, inefficiency of this magnitude is something most Auckland households and our ever-warming planet can ill afford. Fortunately, the experts at Euro Heating have a new and improved option for your home’s central heating—several options, in fact. Each type of system has advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll be glad to explain how they work and answer all of your questions.

Radiator Central Heating System Design and Build

Here at Euro Heating your investment matters! Its not just about selling you a heating system but more about providing you with a key-turn solution and getting you the most for every buck you spend.

When it comes to providing a central heating solution  for your home Euro Heating tick all the boxes!

Our team is trained and qualified to ensure that what you are buying is not over or under specified delivering an outcome that will make you love your home even more during the winter season.

What considerations and pitfals do you need to look for / know about when planning for radiator central heating in the Auckland area?

When you are comparing quotes its important to look at the following:

  • Does the price include heating flow and returns?
    > In some cases other companies exclude this and the clients plumber responsible for this work
  • Are all Plumbing and Gas connections included?
    > Many heating companies do not employ a certifying plumber and gasfitter requiring third
    company to sign off on the installation. this can add to your cost and be of significance when it comes to a warranty claim.
  • Are the radiators sized correctly?
    > In many instances radiators are undersized to reduce cost.
  • Has the correct gas boiler been specified?
    > Its very important to know that there is a big effecieny difference between system and condensing boilers.
  • Have you been quoted a Heatpump?
    > There are only a hand full heatpumps in NZ that can provide temperetures above 60 degrees cel. and these are very costly. Radiator system should run off high temperture power sources for ideal results.
  • Does the company keep spare parts for all products supplied?
    > Euro Heating only use quality products from reputable sources and will guarantee that spare parts will be accessible for years to come.Cheap products have been supplied over years in NZ. Companies selling such products usually operate on sites such as “Trade me” and are only interested in your cash. Such companies or individuals are later very rarely around when its time to claim the warranty.Euro Heating has a solid background and reputation. Testimonials and references  are available on request.
  • Does your quote include the same warranties and product guarantees?
    > Euro Heating provide up to 40 year guarantee on in-slab pipe work. Up to 20 years on hot water cylinders and limited warranties up to 5 years on gas boilers.
  • Does your quote include a customer education visit?
    > Unlike many companies we don’t simply finish the job, send you the bill and disappear. Euro Heating will arrange a one on one meeting to take you through the complete installation. In simple terms explain how it all works and what to look for in an event of a fault. Euro Heating will also hand over a full installation and warranty manual.
  •  Does the company offering the quote have a service and maintenance program?
    > Euro Heating has a computerised database record of all systems installed. This will automatically notify us that your system is due for a service. Services are very important as they ensure your central heating system will continue to run safe and efficient for years to come.

If you wish to recieve more information about our central heating systems and services please contact us on 0800 443 284