Central Heating System Service and Maintenance

Why put off for tomorrow what can be done today? Procrastination is the bane of many people when they suddenly realise that they should have completed a task on time instead of putting it off. A “She’ll be right” kiwi view of heating system maintenance will see you facing energy bills increasing by 5% to 10% each year that you skip servicing your system because of reduced efficiency. Regular servicing reduces the risk of breakdowns and prolongs the unit’s life.

Plus, it saves you money.

At Central Heating New Zealand, we understand that our relationship doesn’t end once we have installed your system. We want you to have many years of comfort and enjoyment from your central heating system and encourage you to have an annual service for peace of mind and to maintain the long term investment that you have made.

What is involved in a service?

Our technician will clean soot and corrosion out of the combustion chamber where the fuel is burned, and check it for leaks or damage. The flue pipe will be checked for open seams, clogs, or corrosion that could cause carbon monoxide to backdraft into the house. The filters on oil and forced-air systems will be replaced and the exhaust from your cleaned machine will be tested and the information used to adjust the burner for maximum efficiency.

How much will it cost?

Servicing costs range from approximately $150 to $300 depending on what system you have and what is required. We will always talk these costs through with you at the time of booking the service so there are no surprises.

When is the best time to do the work?

Ideally, you should have your system serviced at the beginning of Autumn so that it is ready to go when Winter kicks in. This can be a busy time of year for us as all of our clients are wanting their systems serviced. Even if you have a service plan with us it pays to book in advance so that you don’t miss out. As long as your system receives a yearly service however, it does not matter too much when this work is carried out.

What benefits are there to regular servicing?

  • Save money throughout the season. You can save money on your heating bills this year when you schedule heating maintenance ahead of colder weather.
  • Avoid breakdowns. One of the primary reasons to schedule heating service before the season begins is to avoid problems and sudden breakdowns throughout the winter. A tune-up may help to prevent parts from becoming too worn down and overworked, while an inspection will draw attention to components that need repair or replacement so you can have the issue resolved now, rather than rushing to fix something when you need your heater most.
  • Stay safe. A gas heating system could potentially have some safety issues if you haven’t had it checked out since last year. Avoid gas and carbon monoxide leaks with a preseason inspection from Central Heating in New Zealand.
  • Gain peace of mind. Knowing what state your heating system is in helps you to be more comfortable and secure throughout the winter, giving you time to plan for any replacement or repair needs.

What are the risks of ignoring regular servicing?

Besides the obvious – your system will not work so well, wear and tear on parts is likely to increase because of neglect, exhaust build up will slow the parts down; the number one risk to you and your precious family is Carbon Monoxide poisoning. If you ignore servicing your central heating system then the risk of being exposed to this lethal gas increases.

What Carbon Monoxide Does to You

Most of us know that having too much carbon monoxide in your blood will kill you. However even low-level exposure to this gas will endanger your health. The symptoms of prolonged, low-level carbon monoxide poisoning “mimic” the symptoms of common winter ailments (headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and even seasonal depression). The difficulty of diagnosis also means the numbers of people affected may be even higher and so many cases are not detected until permanent, subtle damage to the brain, heart and other organs and tissues has occurred.

Causes of Heating System Problems

Central Heating systems in their various forms have been around for years. How homes are constructed has changed over time and now although we have much more efficient homes there are some changes that can cause problems when a central heating system is part of the home.

Today’s homes are well insulated and air-tight. Consequently, there is less fresh air coming into a home and not as many pathways for stale or polluted air to leave it. Furnaces and boilers require oxygen to burn their fuels – if there is not enough oxygen to burn the fuels completely then carbon monoxide is produced.

If you have a new, high-technology heating appliance vented into existing chimney flues – this can create conditions that allow toxic gases to more easily enter your home.

If maintenance has not been upkept over time, damaged or deteriorating flue liners, soot build-up, debris clogging the passageway, and animal or bird nests obstructing chimney flues can result in toxic gases filtering into the house.

Prevention is the Key

Considering the risks involved when central heating systems are neglected – and the benefits that accrue when they are properly maintained – you would do well to have your system serviced regularly by Central Heating in New Zealand. This can keep illness or death from carbon monoxide poisoning claiming you or those you love.