Heat Pump Underfloor Heating Systems

Date: Jul 28, 2015 - 11:23 pm

One type of underfloor heating system you can use when putting together a central heating system is the heat pump underfloor heating system. Why is this system the one to go for?


Heat pump underfloor heating systems are extremely efficient systems. The reason for this is that heat pump use electricity to move heat, not make it, which makes them much for efficient than other systems such as gas or solar. Heat pumps are a low temperature heat source which makes them perfect for an underfloor heating system because underfloor heating systems run a low temperatures. Heat pump systems are very versatile, they can work anywhere, unlike solar systems which require a certain amount of sunlight to warm the water. They can be incorporated in almost any underfloor heating system, allowing them to be used in all home and buildings where an underfloor heating system is required.

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