laing underfloor heating systems (German made)

Date: Jun 19, 2015 - 2:45 am

laing_underfloor_heating_systemsBrilliant German made system introduced into New Zealand about 10-15 years ago. Very compact and can easily supply efficient heat to smaller  and midsize floor areas. Laos ideal with for combination systems where low temperature and high temperature systems need to be combined. For example radiators and underfloor heating. Laing is a unique and one of kind system that allows you to create indirect systems at unbeatable prices. The image above represents a n UFH system we serviced this week. Part of the inspection is to ensure all valves, circuits, electrical and expansion tank are working correctly and safely.

Central Heating in NZ  offer affordable repair and servicing services for any size Laing underfloor heating systems. If your system needs a repair or maintenance give us a ring and speak to the pros!