New Underfloor Heating Heatpumps

Date: Feb 14, 2020 - 7:28 am

Over the years, the world has seen winters getting colder and summers getting hotter. More often than not, households in the temperate regions have heating and cooling systems installed in houses. These installments often take at least 50% of the energy bill.


Saving energy costs often will have to come from the heating and cooling systems. A great way to keep a place cool during the summers and warm during the winters is through the use of central heating services, especially an energy-efficient heat pump.

Why You Should Invest in a Central Heating Service

Firstly, investing in a central heating service is one of the smartest decisions one can make. Central heating is efficient, effective, economical, safe, and adds comfort to the day-to-day lifestyle.

Living in a temperate region means experiencing both the harsh winters and implacable summers, having a central heating efficiently lets you adjust the temperatures in any way you want! It warms your whole house to the temperatures that you find fancy by using a timer, room thermostat, and thermostatic radiator valves that lets you set each room with different temperatures or timers to certain times.

It is also efficient with the use of energy, as it circulates temperature-controlled air through sealed ducts, managing the whole house with a reasonable amount of energy used. Heating the house with one source using radiant heat is definitely the way to go.

Why Central Heating is the Smart Way to Go

Central heating is effective in warming the whole house with just one system! It is definitely the economically smart way to heat up a house instead of using gas or single log burning fires (which are not equal in distributing heat and is a cause of sickness during the cold season) because the initial set-up costs will be paid back by the long term benefits this system has in store.

Using the central heating system effectively can greatly reduce gas bills and upgrading an existing system kicks back an annual gas bill by at least 30%. You may choose from a variety of vectors like gas central heating or oil central heating and still save a lot of money in the long run.

Safety and comfort can definitely be felt when using a central heating system. Installing one will keep your home at the healthy 21 degrees Celsius standard set by the WHO, eliminating the greater risks and chances of getting sick due to the cold.

Children and the elderly are kept safe because there are no open flames and no elements exposed. As for those who are sensitive or have problems especially with the respiratory system, it is safe because there is no forced air flow.

You are able to control the temperature using a thermostat and you can customize it to your needs. Other methods of heating create hot spots and cold spots, or an uneven distribution of heat.

Why Heat Pumps Are Effective

A heat pump is an effective central heating system, because instead of making heat, it extracts the heat from the outside. Two typical types of central heating systems are air-to-air heat pumps, which extract heat from outside air, even during the winters! The other type is the ground-source heat pump, which removes heat from the ground. In order for this to work, flexible pipes are buried in trenches below the ground, and these pipes are filled with a liquid that absorbs heat from the ground and transfers it inside the house.

Ground-source heat pumps are most efficient because they take their source of heat from the earth itself. They last longer than other types of heat pumps, and there is less wear on the compressors because they operate on a smaller range of temperatures because it is underground.


Underfloor heating helps make a heat pump even more efficient, because it is important that the heat pump’s outlet temperature is kept as low as possible. Using an underfloor heating, mounting the underfloor in screed is the ideal way of installation. Using the screed as a thermal mass allows you to run the heat pump on off-peak tariffs further reducing the running costs. Combining this with the ground source heat pump, efficiencies of over 400% can be achieved.

Heat pumps are energy efficient as for every dollar of electricity invested in it, a return of 2-4$ are returned. Heat pumps also double and acts as a central air conditioner when needed, making it versatile for all types of temperature year-round. It doesn’t just save you money, it’s also helpful for the environment because it is energy efficient.

Heating a home with a heat pump is a great investment because it also provides return on investments with the amount of money being saved. Knowing which one is good for you will save you from the unwanted costs of changing the system.

Firstly, make sure that your garden is suitable for ground loops, and it is efficient that your home is properly insulated as ground source heat pumps provide the best efficiency when producing heat at lower temperatures.

Keeping a warm home is a feat yet to be toppled down. Keep it warm with underfloor heating – heat pumps makes it easier to achieve.