Architects Design

Central Heating know that underfloor heating is not simply about a pipe filled with warm water; it is about floor construction, floor finishes, heat loss and a host of other factors that can easily be overlooked. We have been partnering with Designers, Architects, and Building Advisers for over 25 years.underfloor_heating_architects_design

We understand that you have to oversee many technical aspects of a building project, and floors which are to include a heating system are not always simple. We can help you work out what is going to work with your design, with your client’s budget and personal requests.

We can arrange for you to site visit previous projects of ours and to view underfloor heating systems that we have designed and installed. Our expert support extends across the full range of systems including single ducted heat pumps; large heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; VRV systems; and system integration with new or existing building management systems.

We are proud of the quality and performance of our systems and stand by our workmanship 100%. Unlike other central heating companies who employ third party businesses to complete plumbing and gas fitting -our team does it all. This means that when we speak to you we have full working knowledge of how the systems work, what the best options for your project will be and the intricacies of each choice. It also means that we can provide you with the best support for all aspects of the process, and all of our systems are assessed, measured, and installed by our team of specialists.


Central Heating can provide professional expertise and assistance on all aspects of underfloor heating system design and installation. We can suggest system recommendations. We can design the best system using either your plans or by way of site visiting. We can give you heat load calculations and advise on system sizing so your clients benefit from the best heat economy. We provide a full installation service and once our system has been installed, we have after sales service and support available for any issues that may arise.

If you are an Architect, Draughtsperson or Designer looking for solid advice for your clients’ project – don’t go anywhere else! Come and talk to us at Central-Heating. We have over 25 years’ experience providing solutions, design ideas, and builds all throughout Auckland.